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Related post: Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 23:21:05 +0000 (GMT) From: T J preteen latin girl Subject: Rebecca & Mike's ski trip 9New Years Eve dinner was chat preteen model lovely. After the earlier events of the evening we were a little late to our table, but helped ourselves to preteen glamour galleries a sumptuous buffet, washed down by just the right amount of chilled sauvignon blanc and chablis, the favourite wines of the group.By 9:30 pm the food intake was over, but we stayed at the restaurant chatting with other tables and amongst ourselves for almost an hour. Rather than go join the revelers freezing their butts off in sub-zero temperatures or getting swamped super bondage preteen in the heaving dance clubs that only the adults could have got into, we'd already decided that we would take in the New Year back in the chalet. This New Year's Eve was the preteen beastiality pics first for us as a group to free preteens sexe celebrate together, and we fully intended to be entirely in eachother's company.For me and Michael it was our first New Years Eve as well. I couldn't believe I had met such a wonderful man, my future husband, in the first week of my first term. We'd come such a along way since then, it seemed years ago. ru preteen models I felt I had never known a truer friend, and nor would I meet as closer match in my life. I was so in loveMichael and I were also so foro preteen nude taken with this new world of sexual adventure that to be away from them just seemed inexcusable. We wanted everything to be with cyber preteenz them, shared with them. And despite the sex of the day, I was totally committed to an amazing nookie session to bring in the New Year. And what made it so special was preteen x preteenz everyone seemed to think the same way.By preteen's tight cunny 11:00 we were all in our bathrobes lounging around the fire on the couches, gently touching those next to us and chatting as a group about our plans for the year ahead, suggesting new year resolutions to enhance our time together.Helen announced, "Kate told me that the nude resort she'd worked pre teen fatties on this summer in France was Cap d'Agde. She said it was a totally nudist town, full of families and couples,""Wow, could we go there, dad?" asked Susan, preteen girl lesbian clearly in love with the idea preteens getting fucked of totally nude families, with the instant assumption they would all like to have sex with her. To be quite honest, I'm sure lots of them would, although that wasn't altogether unsurprising given her looks."It's a thought, isn't it?" added Jill cuddling her younger daughter. After their afternoon together they had been insperable all evening. "I'm not so nice preteen model sure we'll meet people quite preteen chat webcam like our neighbours here, but all that nudity does appeal. More of the same would suit me each time we went on holiday.""But what about all the old, fat, and ugly people there ogling at us, coming on to us even," I said. "Not sure I'd like that.""No, but renting a chalet like this where we could all be naked for a week.." said the professor. Mai-Ling finished off his sentence:"Now that's more like it. Being together, being naked, being sexual. Talking of which," Mai-Ling leaned across and gave Maria a kiss right on the lips, "what we witnessed with Maria, Helen, and Rebecca here earlier was really something. It daisy model preteens was special to all of us. You guys were amazing"Everyone's gaze greeted the three of us, but all rested on Maria. At the illegal preteen websites beginning of the week, Maria would probably have clammed up and died of embarrassment, but not now. Now she was proud of her body; proud of her sexuality; proud of her desires. maxwellspreteen supermodels And Helen preteens images samples was very clearly proud of her daughter."I'd like to be naked with you guys for a week too", said Maria, lifting one hand inside her bathrobe and cupping her left breast. "It's lovely here, but being out in the sun, naked, lounging round a pool, having lots of oral sex.. Yeah, I'd love that"Maria's admission took us a little by surprise. We could imagine Susan or me saying preteen models faces something so bold, preteen asia but not Maria. Especially as it did not little virgin preteens focus on girls. Before anyone could answer, Maria continued: "I'd also preteen rusian nudes like it to be a place where I call mom 'mom', and not feel uncomfortable about kissing her in public, playing with her whilst we kissed." The thought of playing with her mom's breast and pussy in public brought Maria's other hand inside her bathrobe and gave herself a rub. Helen could hardly believe it, but you could preteens girlies see she was so turned onClare didn't miss a beat: "I'd like that too, mom. Like if we're just walking along and Dad puts him arm round us. I'd like to put my hands around his waist and his bum, pull him toward me xxx preteens stories and feel his cock on my tits. And if I want to suck him, I'd like just to do it right there, not wait feet preteen models til later when the feeling may have gone."Next small cute preteen to Clare, Sam's cock was pushing through his bathrobe at the lurid conversation, and no doubt the promise of sucking on his dad like Clare had described. Clare noted it and tiny naked preteens leaned russin preteen models forward, and very slowly slid her illeagle preteen sex mouth right down his shaft, back up again, and then began expertly sucking on him. Cool. The night was beginning."It's a good idea, model nude preteenie professor", preteen hot xxs said Mai-Ling, sliding herself closer to Maria. "I just love the idea of being able to start sex immediately you feel horny", and with that she crossed her leg over Maria's effectively presenting tiny preteen supermodels both their sexes to the room, but with the clear intentions that they were preteen taboo to start rubbing eachother's ls guest preteen pussies, which they did.Michael and I were sitting with Jill and Susan directly opposite the four performers. It was so horny. real preteen cock I felt Jill's hand reach inside my kimono and fondle my boobs. I reached out my left hand to take hold of Michael's cock. It was rock hard. Susan snuggled teen preteen vid into her mom."Seems like everyone finds the idea very arousing, dear", said Jill. "It might be something to preteen butt models look into." As she said this we were all looking directly into Maria and Mai-Ling's pussies, and it was sure arousing me.Over on the other couch, Helen said "Maybe we could find a villa complex with Johan and Freida. Perhaps they could fill the other villas with some of the people who buy their videos, you know, the ones with the twins and Stephane in". Helen leaned across and opened the professor's bathrobe to free his cock. It was standing firm up against his stomach. Helen put her hand around the base and lowered her head to take him in her mouth. I preteens nude forums loved seeing Helen suck cock. It drew Susan's attention immediately also."What do you think?" lesbianas preteens asked the professor of his daughter, clearly implying the question to be about the holiday plans, not his cock, though I had little doubt Susan loved the ideas of both."Yeah, I'd like be with you and mom in public, dad." She reached over and shared a tonguing kiss with her mother."What would you like to do in public, sweetheart," asked JillSusan thought for a moment, and then, sliding her hand inside her bathrobe and toward adolescent preteen photo her crotch, said, "I'd like to be sitting on the edge of a pool, hot sun on me, preteen in shower watching you and daddy swimming, underaged asian preteen dangling my legs in the water. I'd like you to swim over toward me and start licking me. I'd like to lean back on my hands, preteen city galleries exposing my body to the sun and everyone at the pool, and let you take me all the way to climax.""I think I'd like that bangkok preteens too, honey", said Jill. A second hand moved inside Susan's robe, and began stories virgin preteen playing with her budding tits. "Anything else?" Jill, like the rest of us, was getting really turned on."I'd also like to be sitting on a sun lounger when daddy got out the pool all dripping wet." Looking nipple preteen directly at her fatherr, she continued, "I'd hand him his towel, then take him in my mouth so everyone around the pool could watch me sucking on my dad. I'd want everyone one to know he's my dad and I, his daughter, was sucking on him. preteens sweet nude I'd love him to cum all over my chest, then have someone lick it off and cumkiss me. And I'd then like that person or someone else I fancy round the pool to bring me to orgasm, or make love to me."Sensing the need preteens pthc for someone to answer - we were all a bit to horny and speechless - Helen took her mouth from the professor. "I'd like to find a place like that too Susan." Helen squeezed her hand up the professors cock and produced two preteen nudist forum or three full globules of clear pre-cum out of his end. She winked at Susan: "I know your father would love it."The professor's cock was leaking so much pre-cum I nature girls preteen began to doubt his ability to hold on long enough to take Susan as planned. preteen young underage Helen licked it clean with a sigh of satisfaction.Susan's hand had slipped inside Jill's preteen young sexy robe and was stroking her moms breasts. Jill in turn was doing the same topsites preteens nude to me, but ensuring her hands reached down to my clit and pussy, bringing up my juices for me to taste. Susan then seemed to think of another idea. This was getting so hot. She re-positioned herself on the preteens boys couch so her hands could reach down to Jill's pussy. She stroked it a few times, savouring the wetness, and said:"I'd also like to be lying face down on the lounger, hand between my legs, bringing myself off. But not being hardcore preteens porn able to do it lying down I'd like to raise my hips into the air, showing everyone my pussy, and how horny I was. And when I was nearly cumming, I'd like to grab Michael's cock preteens boob and pull it into me, making love the way he and Rebecca do, and cumming".She turned to look nude preteen vids at Michael and I, and then across at her father. "And if Michael wasn't there, you'd do that for me daddy, wouldn't you ? You'd like to make love to me like that and make me cum ?"Clare got up from sucking on Sam and went over to her sister. She knew Susan was ready, too. world preteen models She raised Susan off the couch and lead her over to their father, sitting her beside him. The professor's cock was petite preteen little well lubricated by Helen, but Susan needed some more attention. Clare knelt down before her sister, and began kissing her breasts, pulling the young girl into her body. Jill left me and made her way over to the girls. She kissed Susan on the lips and stroked her hair. Clare made her way down to Susan's pussy. It was already quite wet, but a few more minutes of expert attention from mother and sister had Susan's flowing sex teen preteen in anticipation and excitement.Helen had encouraged Sam to come over and share the blow job on nude preteen site the professor. Sam knew his calling all too well, giving an equal if preteen fashion magazine not better blow job than Helen. The professor was responding, leaking juices as he watched Sam, Jill and Clare go about their foreplay.Mai-Ling looked on, Maria now down between her legs and licking her out with passion and an expert mouth. I slid myself on top of Michael, my back to him, and pulled his cock inside me. Michael put his hands around my hips, and then slid them down to my pussy. We were both going to watch this, and we were both going to cum 10yr preteen pussy with them, I just knew it.This was a family affair, and Helen seamlessly left the family and went to join Mai-Ling and Maria. Positions changed, putting Helen on the bottom of a 69 with Mai-Ling on top, facing the family. Maria knelt behind her, the fingers of one hand in Mai-Ling's pussy, and of the other hand in her own.I glanced up at the clock on the wall. It was only 11:40, but no-one cared that this was going to happen early. Susan had been waiting a long time. It had been more than a year since Clare and the professor had consummated their relationship, and her patience at waiting had been impeccable. But her body and mind were telling her the wait was now over. She wanted her daddy's cock inside her, and she wanted him to cum with her. What's a few minutes ukranian preteen nude when all that is at stake?Sam made way as he sensed Clare and his mom prepare to bring Susan to straddle her father. Mai-Ling looked up, barely able to contain herself from the attentions of another mother-daughter combination.Susan stood over her preteen beach thong father's cock. She stroked it, and looked into his eyes. He smiled. I felt like cumming, but 3d preteen video I had closeup preteen to nudist preteens beach hold on.With Jill and Clare at either side Susan put the professor's cock at the entrance to her pussy. She knew to go gently, and that's what she did. I grabbed one of the kimonos and stuffed it in my mouth, aware I russ an preteens was young preteen nudism about to cum from the physical and mental stimulation. I tried, but I just couldn't contain preteen sex stories it. litel model preteen Seconds later I was cumming. I tried to keep my eyes preteen panty ads open, watching Susan, but I just couldn't. As the second wave of my orgasm hit I lost it completely. Cries were muffled by the kimono, but I was cumming longer preteen photo guestbook and harder than at any time that holiday. Michael told me Susan had turned round and smiled, thrilled that I was cumming as she was taking her father. She smiled at Michael, then returned to her task.After lo portal preteen a minute I came round and realized I hadn't missed too much. Susan was gently riding her dad, taking him 4 or 5 inches into her, getting a confident rhythm. She leant forward and kissed him. By now her thighs, preteen cunt fuck punished from 3 days heidi model preteen of skiing, were beginning to movie preteens tire, so Jill helped her lift Susan off the russain preteen model professor.It wasn't the end. african preteens Far from it. The professor laid down and Susan mounted him in the missionary position. This is how we'd seen her come with Stephane, so we knew this would preteen girl raped do fine. Jill and Clare stroked Susan's body, encouraging her, but she needed no encouragement. The pace quickened only slightly from that point forward, but all the time Susan's orgasm was building, and as it did so, Mai-ling's hit.I began to writhe around on Michael as his hands again went to work on my clit. I knew I would cum again, and this preteen 100 best time he would cum with me.Susan was having a wonderful time. All her dreams were coming true. She knew what she was doing hot young preteens because she had watched the way he liked to move with Mai-Ling, Clare, Jill and I. She also knew what she liked, and, so importantly, did the professor, who had carefully monitored his daughter's desires, frequently discussing them with Jill, Mai-Ling, Clare, and, of course, Susan herself. This was a match made in heaven.Soon enough I noted Susan's body seize, her head nuzzle into the professor's body, and her arse begin petit preteen pics to quiver. Momentarily she looked deep into her preteenz models nude father's eyes, and then she exploded. IF the professor needed any encouragement, that look would have been it. But his body and mind were complete unison with love for his daughter. Within a few seconds, so he preteen nudes photo exploded deep into Susan. He didn't thrust his orgasm at all. Hips were still. Arms gently cradled his lover; preteens nude 14 his daughter. He relaxed his body and let all his energy surge through his cock into Susan's womb. Nothing like it can be captured on film I'm sure. You could actually sense the feelings they were experiencing. Knowing how both of them came, and knowing their love for was unbelievably erotic.Having seen them both cum, in half a minute or so Michael nor razors for preteens I saw them much else, as we were lost in our own orgasms. No kimono in the mouth this time - I came quite loudly.Susan lay on her father for a good few minutes, recovering, loving, resting. Mai-Ling, Helen, Maria and underage preteen nubile Clare were all grouped together on the opposite couch. I vaguely remember climbing off Michael, but I only really came round when snuggled under a blanket with Sam on my left, Michael on my right. Susan had not yet lifted herself preteen toes model off her dad, but she did bring her face out, jewish preteen model and smiled towards both couches."Happy New Year, darling", said Jill. I looked up at the clock. It said 12:20, and felt oddly deflated that we'd missed it, but suddenly fireworks were being lit outside, and the church bells rang out across the resort. Sam jumped up of the couch and ran to the balcony. A torch lit procession was coming down the ski slope into town. The clock naturisme preteen photo must have been fast all week, not that we'd taken much notice of it before. We never wore watches whilst making love, and clearly no-one had checked the main clock.Susan climbed off her dad, but waited for him to take her in his arms. They hugged and kissed. Susan then turned to her mother, and they kissed too. Susan snuck a hand down to her pussy to catch her father's cum dripping out. As one hand filled she replaced it with another, and brought the full hand up to Clare's mouth. Clare licked it dry, save for one cum-soaked finger which she passed to Susan. Susan licked it. "yummmm" she whispered. She turned to the professor. "Thanks dad" she beamed, bringing up another cum soaked hand from her crotch. This one was meant for the professor preteenzsex and Jill, and they each licked that gorgeous cocktail of preteen teenie porn cum and pussy juice from her fingers. Susan then kissed them both, then scooted off with Clare to watch the fireworks with their brother.Still on preteens virgins cp the couch, I copied Susan and scooped Michael's cum out of my pussy, sharing most beautiful preteens a similar cocktail small preteen porn of my cum-soaked fingers with him. "When we have a daughter, can she be like Susan?" I asked. Michael licked the last of his cum off my fingers. "Yeah, I hope so. I really do".Michael joined the professor pouring the final two bottles of champagne into the glasses. The three of us then went to join the rest of the family, toasting in the New preteen femal nudest Year, hugging, kissing, enjoying our nakedness and rejoicing in our togetherness. What a New Year's eve this had been.
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